• Rachel Elizabeth

Valentine's Traditions

I know a lot of people out there think Valentine's Day is pretty silly. I've always been one that enjoys any reason to celebrate, however as I've gotten older and grew in my walk with The Lord this day has taken on a new meaning. Love, sweet love, it's the only thing there's just too little of. Jesus came for our salvation but while he was here taught his people about one thing most of all, how important it is to love one another. In our society there is so much talk about loving yourself, doing what makes you happy, if it doesn't satisfy or serve you- drop it (I've literally seen this phrase posted on social media). That's not what we are called to do. We are called to be humble, to serve others even when it's hard. To sacrifice. To love. To care for our brothers and sisters. To forgive. To leave behind self-righteousness. To have empathy and understanding not judgement, and all of this not for ourselves, but for Him.

So we like to spend Valentine's Day as a family. We enjoy our 10 year tradition of a lasagna dinner, all decorated in pinks and reds. We take this time to focus on our love for humanity and how important it is to Jesus with our kiddos. I hope as they grow this tradition will be something that sticks with them.

I love to make everything festive for my little ones so nothing but a pink drink would do! For this perfect hue I combined lemon-lime Zevia (a healthier "soda" or really just stevia sweetened carbonated water) with a little grapefruit-tangerine juice, garnished with cute straws and some blackberries. For Mom and Dad we get champagne and juice!

This gorgeous opal flatware is actually disposable but I just wash by hand and re-use for other events. You won't believe the quantity and quality for the price!

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Flower Vase

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Dinner Plates

The champagne flutes and over sized wine glasses are from the At Home store. Not currently listed on their website but they may still have in your local store. The dessert plates I found on clearance at Target but the Hearth and Home collection has similar ones right now. The beautiful mini ceramic jug is from Hobby Lobby as well as the cream corked bottle in the background.


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