• Rachel Elizabeth

Sophisticated Girl's Room

Last Summer when we moved into our Florida house I had planned on giving Ansley an all white, neutral, tone-on-tone color palette. Her room is pretty small so I thought to much color would make it feel more closed in. I wasn't wrong of course, colored walls did stunt ceiling height and make it feel a bit cozier. However, I had planned on adding these full wall wainscoting panels and I'm glad I did. As well as classic elegance it adds height and the room feels much more substantial now. These panels are my favorite, simple way to add character to our home.

I sketched the three pieces of artwork. There was an exact look I wanted and just didn't find it anywhere. Plus, it's more sentimental this way.

This twin day bed from World Market was originally a dark grey wash. It was beautiful but it just wasn't jiving with the new color palette and I wanted something a little more unique. I've been obsessed with raw wood lately and stripping every piece I can. The stain was a light wash so I wash able to sand it all off with a palm sander. It took about two days of play time outside with the kiddos but it was definitely worth it! Both the crib and chandelier are vintage.

I purchased a dollhouse kit (linked below) and put it together myself. I choose to kept the front porch and trimmings off for a more modern and simple look. I kept it all raw for now. I like the look in her room and one day when she's old enough and I change her room again, we can paint it together!


Bed (Pre-sanded)

Dollhouse Kit


Throw Blanket


White Pillow Covers

Baby Doll is American Girl

Stuffed Animals are Jelly Cat and Anthropologie


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