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Puppy Party

Our Irish Twins are 12 months and 21 days apart, leaving their birthdays to fall just three weeks from each other. Being that they are usually in the same stage at the same time, it works really well for planning a joint birthday party with our friends and family. This year they turned 3 and 4. I can hardly believe those words as I type them. With each one the time seems to go by faster and faster.

We have all (by "all" I mean the kids and I) been itching for a puppy. Sadly, the financially responsible thing to do for us right now is to not give in to that itch. That's what gave me the idea of a puppy themed birthday for our sweet boy and girl. I knew with the right color palette it could be both boyish and feminine.

They had a blast with their friends and loved every second of it. As we were surrounded by family, I had a teary eyed moment. Everyone singing the birthday song, looking at their tiny faces, dancing candle flames reflecting in their beautiful little eyes, silly grins from ear to ear. I've watched the video a thousand times, you can see the completely pure and innocent joy all over them. It's the exact reason I make birthdays such a big deal in our home. As they get older they venture out into the world, a world that isn't always kind, a world that is tough. Everyday they are faced difficulty, as that is just part of life. We implement parenting strategies that help them prepare for this part of life. Discipline that we hope will build strong, independent, and capable adults on a daily basis but for right now I have the power to make these special moments for them. To make the feel loved and special, to give them joy and that giant, silly, grin. I recently had the pleasure of visiting with a friend, one of my creative soul-sisters, and her college aged daughter. We somehow started talking about birthday cakes and she began to reminisce on the birthdays she had as a child. As I watched her light up, explaining how special her Mother had always made things for them and how wonderful she was, I got goose bumps on my arms, butterflies in my stomach, and my heart about burst out of my chest. My friend blushed, and I just thought, "Wow" what an amazing Mother-Daughter moment. You could see how appreciative she was and that she knew of the fierce love her Mother had for her. That's what I want for them. From the little moments to the big, I always want them to know how immensely they are loved.

Okay, now that I'm a ball of tears let's get to the fun part! As always, sources are at the bottom of the post. I created the invitations on picmonkey and used this adorable watercolor dog print from an Etsy seller. I addressed the envelopes myself and used a spotted scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby (not linked) to line them.

If you've never lined envelopes, it's incredibly easy. Simply trace the envelope flap and allow 1-2 inches of paper to go inside. Then cut along the inside of your trace line (this will not only remove your pen/pencil mark but also make the insert the exact size it needs to be). Stick your insert inside the envelope, line it up with the edges and fold down. Open back up and use a glue stick on the envelope flap to adhere together.

For the dessert table I bought a pre-made cake from Target and added the cute little pups (linked below). I made the "pup-cakes" myself the day before. The cookies and cream ice cream pops are actually cake pops from our Super Target bakery section. Unfortunately, our Oreo stack cake was half eaten by our "helpers" before I could grab pics. I may have be one of the culprits.

For food we created a nacho/burrito bar. It was super easy to throw together the day of. I really wanted something simple so I could actually enjoy the day and not be running around the kitchen like a chicken with no head. It was also a great choice since most of our family and friends eat a WFPB diet as well. We served chicken and sofritas from Chipotle. If you didn't know you can actually go in and order sides of meat for about $2. I ordered 7 of each and it was more than enough paired with the rice and beans we made. It was a big hit with everyone!

I also made a Vegan nacho cheese sauce from potatoes and carrots that EVERYONE thought was amazing! I use this recipe and add paprika, cumin, and a ton of Frank's Red Hot Sauce. You can make it the day before, it reheats like a dream!

We had an Adoption Center so each little guest could take a puppy home of their own in a little paper kennel. I found the white gable boxes at Hobby Lobby.

I hope you enjoyed this post and our sweet little puppy party!!


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