• Rachel Elizabeth

Pumpkin Carving Party

This year we started a new tradition. We hosted a pumpkin carving party with friends at a local park. It was so much fun!!

With so many festivities like costume parties, Trunk or Treats, and Fall Festivals around the end of the month we opted for the very first weekend in October. Starting the month out with a bang! I am pretty old school and still love a good paper invite but you could easily download the provided template and text or email yours!

I wanted to be fully present and enjoying this event with my kiddos and our friends so I actually wasn’t able to get any photos on my digital camera while there. Knowing this would be the case I did a little mock set up with the decorations before hand to give you an idea. I went with a pastel color palette. It was so cute and child like. We aren’t creepy Halloween people so it was perfect for us and all the littles!

We held it in a pavilion at a local park. This was the perfect location. This is a MESSY activity, so being outside and not having to worry about floor clean up was the best! The playground adjacent was also perfect in providing the kids some playtime while the parents got to chat a bit.

We held the party at 10am and provided morning snack type refreshments. We had coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, apple cider, donuts, muffins, and a veggie/fruit platter. Just simple, little, finger, foods!

I also wanted to share what I learned about the logistics to help make your party run smoothly. Things you would consider providing: paper towels, baby wipes, hand sanitizer pumps, multiple pocket knives for the adults to easily cut open the tops, carving templates, sharpies for personal designs, and carving kits. We learned that the cheap carving kits that come in a multi pack from Hobby Lobby break almost immediately. Next time I would purchase a few of the larger sets for kids and bring extra knives for adults. Have your work stations lined with a plastic tablecloth so clean up is easy peasy!

I hope you enjoy this post and feel inspired to host your own carving party!!

You can download the invitation template for personal use here.

To make these adorable Jack-o-macaroons I simply used an editable marker from Hobby Lobby!

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