• Rachel Elizabeth

Protein Waffles (DF, GF, SOSFree, Vegan)

This year for Mother's Day I didn't want flowers. I didn't want presents. I didn't even need a card. All I wanted was a day with my sweet family (while my husband tended to everyone's needs of course) and some waffles. Yup, waffles. I literally dream about them. So the Saturday evening before Mother's Day I realize I've come down with a stomach virus. I was up all night. After a few hours of sleep in the wee morning hours I woke up and thought noooooooo, my waffles. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything. So I just laid in bed thinking about them all day.

When I finally got my vanilla waffles with blueberry compote and coconut cream it was a heavenly experience. Every bit, pure bliss. I thought why can't I just eat these everyday. That's when my wheels started turning.

We strive to eat as much nutrient dense whole foods as possible (you may know this if you've followed my health journey). Let's break it down, it's basically just grains and blueberries so how can I make this good enough for everyday. Meaning, SOSFree (salt, oil, sugar) packed with protein and gluten free. We aren't fully gluten free, but I try to make as many of our grain based meals using oatmeal, brown rice, or almond flour. Which, are all naturally gluten free grains and in my opinion the ones we need to focus on daily. I make my own oatmeal flour in the food processor using steel cut or old fashioned oats!

After reviewing a few recipes both vegan and non for waffles or pancakes using protein powder, and doing a few trial and errors this is what I came up with.


Folks, let me just say I'm pretty dang proud of myself because these are amazing. Light and fluffy but still crispy just the way I love them!


A few things I'd like to let you know about the recipe below. I did try this with a flax egg and I didn't care for them. They were a bit mushy, even after I put them in the toaster!

For this recipe I used Bob's Redmill Egg Replacer (not sponsored). I absolutely love this stuff!! I've tried Vegan Eggs and use chia or flax egg all the time but this is the best one I've found yet. It actually made the waffles fluffy and puff up. I HIGHLY recommend using it. If you don't have any and you just NEED a waffle now, you can use a flax or chia egg but you'll need to reduce the milk to 1/2 a cup.

Another thing, I don't know how a pea or blended protein powder would work. I used Growing Naturals Rice Powder in Vanilla. It's a new find and for those who don't like the taste of pea protein powders this one is awesome!

If you want to make these for everyday breakfast, do a big batch at once and freeze. Then just pop them in the toaster on the daily!

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