• Rachel Elizabeth

Pretty Little Easter Baskets

Being a Mom is the best job in the world but it isn't always the funnest. Holidays, birthday celebrations, setting up goodies and surprises for them, that's the fun stuff. I loved putting together these sweet baskets for my Irish Twin toddlers. They have me wishing the Easter Bunny would bring me one!

These baskets are actually wooden apple buckets that I created a simple lining for using no sew liquid stitch, drop cloth fabric, and printable iron on transfer paper. I painted the wooden handle to coordinate with the ribbon color, pale pink for our baby girl and soft grey for our sweet boy.

Our Ansley girl is 18 months and she's already so so girly! If it's not pink and pretty she refuses to wear it so I know she is just going to adore all of these lovely goodies. When I saw Plum Pretty Sugar had little girl robes I knew she had to have the Persimmon one to match Mommy! I love their subtle floral patterns. I found the adorable soft blush bunny at Anthropologie, it's so soft it actually feels like a real bunny! The gorgeous handcrafted floral bunny ears are from the Etsy seller Lovely Felt. She does a beautiful job and these are so detailed. I can't wait to see my girl wearing them. The cute little Peter Rabbit books come in a set of 4 from Target so I split them between the two baskets.

Asher is two and a half and he has the absolute sweetest little boy disposition. He loves putting on socks and shoes, and hats, and jackets just to wear around the house, it cracks us up! So when I saw these sweet bunny slippers from Marks & Spencer of London I knew I had to order them for him! Wood toys are a beautiful addition to any child's room decor, the handcrafted push wood bunny is from the Etsy seller Pawoo toys and is sealed with natural linseed oil. Totally safe for those times when you know, they just decide to bite their toys. The raw wood eggs are from Target and are great for decorating, hiding, or as an addition to a play kitchen.

Finding treats for Toddler baskets can actually be difficult. I don't mind a little bit of sugar (you've got to let them live a little) but I don't want to overload them with it so I mixed Cadbury's mini eggs and a chocolate dipped peep with Annie's Organic Bunny Grahams and White Cheddar Bunnies. All of these treats can be found at Target. I used clear office organizers from Target to create these pretty treat boxes. There is just something kids love about a separated snack box like this so I know they'll enjoy it.

Anthropologie sells tissue paper carrots and they are super cute but I wanted a specific color palette so I just made my own. They were really easy to make. I used white card stock paper to make the cones, secured with tape, then filled with Happy Yummies "World's Best Tasting Gummy Bears" (They really are! I had to stop myself from snaking while I was making these!). Then I twisted the top, taped it closed, and snipped off the extra paper at the top. I used a few stacked rectangles of green and cut slits almost all the way down, leaving about a half an inch at the bottom. Then just wrapped it around the nub at the top and taped to secure! Once you figure out your first one they are pretty easy to make and they are so cute! All of the tissue paper can be found at Target as well. Seriously what would we do without that store?


Bunny Slippers: Marks & Spencer London

Peter Rabbit Book Set: Target

Push Bunny: Pawoo Toys- Etsy

Raw Wood Eggs: Target

Acrylic Compartment Boxes: Target


Persimmon Floral Robe: Plum Pretty Sugar

Softest Blush Pink Bunny: Anthropologie

Bunny Ear Floral Headband: Lovely Felt- Etsy

Peter Rabbit Book Set: Target

Acrylic Compartment Box: Target


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