• Rachel Elizabeth

Meaningful Easter Basket Tradition

Updated: Mar 24

We are doing a big thing this year. Our little ones are at ages where we can change up our tradition but oh how I wish we had been doing this for years. We are getting rid of the Easter Bunny!

We have been searching for a way to keep our Christian holidays fun but more centered around their true meanings. So, when we started talking about Easter this year we both knew the bunny had to go. I wanted to do something relate-able in their little minds but fun enough to keep their interest.

The evening before Easter Sunday we will sit down with them and talk about our sins, the things we struggle with, like hitting our siblings, stealing toys from others, not telling the truth, etc. Then we will write our struggles on stones, place them in their baskets, and cover it with a red scarf. In the morning they will find their sins are gone and have been replaced with gifts. The moral is that his blood covers our sins and leaves us with a gift.

We are really excited to implement this new tradition and see how our littles view the story of Easter now.

I hope you found this helpful and as always I would love to know if you were inspired by anything in this post!!


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