• Rachel Elizabeth

Master Bedroom (Texas Home)

I am on bedroom cloud nine right now! We haven't spent time or money on our own room in so very long. If you know me at all, then you know we've moved and had babies back to back to back over the last few years. It just hasn't been able to be a priority, making this reveal that much sweeter. This room will truly be cherished and enjoyed! When I get into our dramatic bed and gaze at the vintage chandelier I actually feel little like a princess.

The best thing about our room design is that it was all done on a major budget! We started with nothing but a mattress/boxspring set and some inexpensive brown laminate nightstands.

We made the headboard using a piece of 4x8 plywood, cut down to the standard king size of 75 inches wide. Then I used poster board to free hand half of the design. I cut the design out and placed it on one side of the plywood, traced the design, then flipped it over to the other side and repeated that step so we had a perfectly mirrored image. We cut the plywood using a jig saw. Totally worth the small investment in this tool, it was so fun and now I want to cut cool shapes all day long! 

I love this upholstery fabric from Hobby Lobby. I was going to go with linen until I found this one. It's more durable than linen would have been and with three littles climbing into this bed with us, durability is a must! I used a full size egg crate mattress pad from target instead of foam sheets. Foam can get really pricey and I was worried with the extra width and all of the curves, since I'm not a pro upholsteress (is that a word?), that I'd have a lot of wrinkles and unwanted pleats. 

Would you guess this bed "frame" is actually just our boxspring? YES it is! I ordered these pretty turned legs from Amazon. The Mr attached some two by fours along the edges and middle of the bottom. Then he screwed in the legs after I upholstered it and that's all there is to it!

They did come stained a little too orange so I took some grey paint, brushed it on and wiped it off a few times to tone them down a bit. We mounted the headboard to the wall using one of these guys. The whole project was so easy! My inspiration bed was $2k and this whole project totaled less than $150!

This bench was my only splurge in the whole room but I still feel like it I got a deal because Louis XVI style furniture is usually much more!

Can you believe someone practically GAVE me this pair of can barrel chairs for only $5!?! I mean that's only $2.50 a chair, what a deal! I painted the fabric using this method from the genius Jennifer Allwood over at The Magic Brush. I painted the wood white and sealed with Min-Wax Polycrylic. 

This chandelier was given to my Mom by my Grandmother on my Dad's side. When she recently sold the family home I begged for it! It's so fun to wake up to a piece of my childhood each day!

Sometimes small nightstands can feel a little dinky next to a king sized bed so I searched for a small sized dresser with three drawers. I found some very inexpensive and very ugly brown laminate ones with plastic handles. I painted them white using Kilz Primer first, sealed with Minwax Polycrylic, and replaced the hardware with these beauties from Hobby Lobby. You can definitely feel that they aren't the best quality in person so I do plan on replacing these within the next year but for now they work just fine and look great! 


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