• Rachel Elizabeth

Master Bedroom Reveal

Welcome to our newest Master Bedroom Reveal. It's so funny that just a little over a year ago I was revealing the one from our last house with this same headboard. Here is that post with how we created this bed using nothing but piece of plywood, fabric, a box spring, and some table legs.

We love the calm, cool, casual feeling our new room has. It's cozy but the light color palette makes it feel modern and clean.

--------Sources for everything that is still available are listed at the bottom of the post-------

The extra long lumbar pillow is actually a vintage Oushak rug I found on Etsy from an over seas seller. I washed it about one thousand times and then made it into a pillow using only hot glue and pillow stuffing. It was ten minute project and probably my favorite accent in the whole room, definitely worth it!

The bench is actually the same one from our last room. It was a little too traditional for the space and has a water stain from my kiddos so I just covered it with this rug that was a great Homegoods find!

The sconces are from Ikea. The shades came with this retro texture on the outside so I just cut it off and used goo-gone for the little bit of glue residue left around the bottom ring.

This dresser is from Ikea actually used to be a different finish (although they do sell it in white). I painted using regular latex paint with a few coats of Polyacrylic (my favorite top coat) to keep it nice and protected from our three monkeys! The ring pulls are not the same hardware that comes with the dresser. I ordered these years ago and forgot my source but I found a comparable option and it's listed at the bottom of this post.

If you follow my insta you may notice the chair is the one from our living room. I recently moved all of the furniture around to make way for another couch. This is absolutely one of my favorite pieces but I just couldn't make it work in there so it found a new home here.

I topped the dresser with both decorative and an functional accessories. These two handbags are much to pretty to be sitting in my closet and the glass tray holds all of my important jewelry so I can throw it on, on my way out the door!

The direct links for our window treatment sources are listed below but the blinds are from Home Depot. I have a love hate relationship with them. The strings pulls come apart easily and two have already broken but they are inexpensive and I love the look of them. I'm not sure I would use them in every room of the house next time but they are great for an accent window that doesn't get opened often or if you really want the look at a small price!

My handy husband wall mounted our TV and put in a new outlet behind it so there would be no cords. I love that he knows how to do that stuff!

I know the carpet is awful, hoping to get that replaced within the next year!

You all know I love a good gallery wall! I also love getting to wake up to these beautiful photos my babies each day!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our new room. If there is anything you are ever interested in, feel free to reach out and ask me via Instagram DM!





Throw Blanket

Decorative Box

White Duvet Cover

Bamboo Clutch

Woven Handbag

Picture Frame

Candle Snuffer


Ring Pulls


Curtain Rings

Curtain Rod

Roman Shade


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