• Rachel Elizabeth

Kitchen Updates and Pantry Makeover

About 7 years ago I came across an image of a perfect pantry on Pinterest and I have been dreaming of having my own ever since. With each home we've owned, we've always moved before we could get to it (bought and sold 4 homes in a period of 25 months- I know, I know, insert crazy face emoji). Finally after being in the same home for 330 days we were able to address our pantry sitch. AND Y'ALL, I am in home maker HEAVEN!!!! I am absolutely loving the beautiful organization. It was so worth the effort and investment.

The hubs did all the wood work and I just told him what I needed. He installed an outlet and created a counter top area so we could utilize the space for a few obnoxious but necessary appliances. We used a hanging light kit and a vintage basket to create the light fixture. All of the locked jars are from Ikea and I spent less than $100 on them all. The larger corked lid jars (MY FAVS!) are actually from Hobby Lobby. You can find the detailed source list below.

Since we changed our whole diet and embarked on this healing journey we don't eat very many processed foods so this minimalist organization works really well for us.


Small Glass Jars

Large Glass Jar with Lid

Sandy Pearl Keurig

Natural Baskets

Blue Striped Tea Towel

Tan Striped Tea Towel

Oh She Glows Cookbook

The First Mess Cookbook

Cork Lid Glass Jars- Hobby Lobby (in-store only)

Black Baskets- Hobby Lobby (in-store only)

We also added a few updates to our kitchen as well. We needed more storage for the enormous kitchen gadgets I know use since I make most everything I can from scratch. We brought the dresser in from the hallway and made a counter top as a make shift second island. On one side I installed a towel rack and on the other a hanging paper towel holder.

Then we added built in shelving to the upper cabinet area to make our cabinets appear taller. It's a great trick and I think filling in this space adds so much! All we did was frame it out with wood trim and paint it all the same. I highly recommend adding this if you are on a budget!


Black Striped Tea Towel

Small Geometric Vase (Probably one of my favorite little accessories of all time!)

Small Wooden Spoons

Honey Dipper

Counter Top Cleaner

Glass Bottle


Leather Handle Crockery Bowl



Painting- HomeGoods

Stacked Tasting Plates- HomeGoods

Blue Vase- TJMaxx

Large White Fruit Bowl- At Home

Modern Vase- HomeGoods

Bar Stools-Target


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