• Rachel Elizabeth

Ice Cream Social

I love creating traditions for our family. Do you love traditions? It’s funny how you can take the simplest thing and somehow doing it every year makes it so much more exciting. We recently decided to start a new one and hosted our first annual End of Summer Ice Cream Social!! We invited 80 Momma and Kiddo friends and about 50 were able to attend. It was an absolute blast!! We all enjoyed afternoon Ice Cream Sundaes from a 10 foot long buffet and played all the old school party games like musical chairs, relay racing, and pop the balloons. I have never heard so many giggles at one event.

Here’s what was behind my thought process and what led to the idea. Other than raising up kind, giving, and Jesus loving people my biggest priority as a Mother is to give my children the warmest feeling of nostalgia when they think back on their childhood. When their minds wander to the past I want it to be a warm and sunny place that makes their insides beam. I also want them to enjoy the feeling of giving to others. The insanely awesome, heart exploding, soul fulfilling feeling of putting a smile on someone’s face.

It just so happens that all three of our kids have birthdays during the last half of Summer. If you know me at all then you know I go out of my way to make them feel special on their special day. Between all that we do for them plus all the gifts from family they get more than enough. So instead of a party for each, I thought why not doing something that is more “giving” but still so much fun for them. It turned out to be the greatest idea. Every single friend that attended had an awesome time and our joy cups were running over by the end.

If you like the idea of starting this tradition with your own friends and family I highly recommend it!!

Guest had three options to start, waffle cones, waffle bowls, or a cup for scoops. We had 30 different toppings from mango to hot fudge to pineapple flavored gummy bears. We had 12 different Non-Dairy ice cream flavors (available at local supermarkets all over) including Birthday Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Mint Chocolate Chip! It was all sooooooo yummy!!

I quickly whipped up this cute prop Ice Cream cart by wrapping a bar cart with white wrapping paper and topping it with foam core board. I used a regular umbrella from Target and place it inside a shipping tube. Then I got glue fringe trim from Hobby Lobby to the edges. The photo props and acrylic cone holder are from the current Target dollar section.

Sneaky little one grabbing some chocolate chips before guest arrived! Her sweet dress is from Old Navy.

I found the waffle pattern cups at the At Home store. The beverage dispensers are actually plastic and only $12 each at Target. All of the paper straws are from Hobby Lobby.

The pretty striped napkins are from the Magnolia Home Summer collection at Target.

These cute tissue paper ice cream cones were a little tedious to create but came out so cute!

Not pictured but I also filled the living room with about 150 pastel colored balloons. This ended up being a much bigger hit than I even anticipated. The big kids had so much fun balloon fighting, and by the end of the party they were almost all gone! I also filled the entry way ceiling with white balloons and streamers tied to the end so guest entered the party by walking through them. It was a fun and festive way to welcome everyone!


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