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Fall Hosting

Simple details and muted Fall colors are on my radar this year. Warm amber tones, olive branches, and minimalistic place settings, set the tone for this year’s table scape. Whether you are hosting the big family Thanksgiving, a Friendsgiving, or just a simple Fall dinner party here are some simple ways you can make a big statement.

As always Afloral swoops in with the winning florals. I chose to use my favorite creamy peony bud and a few warm stems to accent. Using just a piece of cut muslin from the fabric store (often used for baby blankets) as the table runner along with these brilliant rust candle tapers and modern holders, together they make the perfect centerpiece display.

Now, pie is probably one of my favorite things in the whole world and I plan on eating plenty of it but I wanted to share another idea that is just as lovely. A little Fall dessert board to include chocolate dipped figs and pretzels as well as a healthy alternative to caramel dip for tart apples and pears! The display is quite beautiful, so easy to throw together, and a much healthier option!

This caramel dip is so easy, healthy, and delicious!! You just take 15 pitted medjool dates (be 100% sure the pits are removed!) and soak for about an hour in room temp water. Drain and add to high speed blender, along with a splash of almond milk, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and 1/4 tsp of seat salt. Blend until fully combined, you may need to shake and add a little more milk a few times. This dip isn't light in calories but it is a much healthier, whole foods, option versus traditional caramel that usually consists of milk and sugar if homemade, and lot of chemicals if store bought!


Star Dust


Bunny Tail

Rust Taper Candles

Candle Holders

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