• Rachel Elizabeth

Boyish Room Update

Our little middle, as we call him, needed new beds recently and I thought well while I'm at it why not just give the whole thing a re-do! His previous room photographed beautifully but in reality it was a little cold and the beds were not comfortable. I knew I eventually wanted to find a vintage twin set so in the meantime I ordered inexpensive metal framed ones. They wobbled tremendously and at a certain point we couldn't get in them anymore for story time. His new room feels so cozy and warm. Just like you imagine the perfect childhood room to be. I love getting into his bed at bedtime and snuggling him in my arms now. He loves that in some light his walls look blue and in others looks grey. We are all pretty smitten with the boyish eclectic theme going on in there. I hope you enjoy this tour and find it inspiring as well!

His beds were almost too good to be true. They were exactly what I was looking for. I searched craigslist and re-sale groups weekly looking for something similar. I knew if I was patient, eventually I would find it. The kids and I stopped at a neighbor's yard sale one day and there they were, only $25 for the pair. It all happened so perfectly. I got them home and we striped them down to the raw wood with just enough stain left in the crevices for that perfect patina. Because of all the spindles I knew it was going to take a lot of elbow grease no matter which method I used. I decided to sand over strip for two reasons; It would be less mess, and I wanted to keep just a little stain on.

It was a job that took a few days but they were so worth it. I love the character they bring to the space.

The dresser was Craigslist find and with a little coat of paint an absolute diamond in the rough it is! The vintage hardware is unique and adds so much charm.

For the wall color I went with one of my all time favorites, Magnetic Grey by Sherwin Williams. In some lights it looks grey and others blue. It's the perfect blue-grey shade. For the dresser I used an old paint can I had in the garage (that doesn't have the color on it) thinking it would come out just a little darker. It didn't, but I actually love the result anyway so it worked out. Often times when you paint a piece of wood furniture it comes out just a shade lighter than the color on a wall. This makes the perfect tone on tone combination. If you want to recreate this look just use the Magnetic grey on both the wall and the dresser.

This hanging boat has a little piece of my heart. I had seen it in a wallpaper ad on pinterest years ago. I feel in love but thought I'd never find the exact one. Then one morning I was searching and low and behold I found it. It's actually a kite and at a very reasonable price. I was delighted and I love the whimsical element it adds to this corner.

The curtains are the Rivta from Ikea, as well as the rings. The rod is from Target and the roman shade is from The Decorator's Collection at Home Depot.


Boat Print

Hanging Boat

Dark Teal Pillow Cover

Blue-green Pillow Cover

Stuffed Whale Shark

Toddler Fedora

Faux Antler Mount

Light Wood Wall Frame

White Duvet Covers

Ghana Basket

*Unfortunately, the striped and ivory pillow covers are currently sold out on the H&M website.

*If something is not listed in the sources list it's either vintage/resale or I found it in a store like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, or Marshalls.


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