• Rachel Elizabeth

10 Minute No-Sew Placemat Pillows

Okay friends are you ready for the easiest, most simple, quick, and inexpensive pillow tutorial you ever did see? I've got it for you! See below how I made these placemat pillows in about 10 minutes for about $12 bucks a pair!

Before we begin, there is just one catch. If you want yours to look as good as mine you must not use THIS type of pillow stuffing (found at craft stores, Michaels, Joannes, Hobby Lobby, Walmart) Just don't do it!! I've seen this done with the cheap filling and it does not look good!

Here is what you CAN do:

-Do search your local TJMaxx, Homegoods, Marshalls for ugly clearance pillows, just so you can have the down insert. Cut open insert and re-utilize stuffing for placemat pillows.

-Do buy inexpensive down inserts from Royal Pillow, H&M or Ikea. Cut open insert and re-utilize stuffing for placemat pillows.

-Do use an old down insert you already have. Cut open insert and re-utilize stuffing for placemat pillows.

You will need:

-Placemat of your choosing. Mine are from Target (Blue/Grey and Black/White)

-Down Filling (I was able to get two placemat pillows out of a medium sized insert 18-20in)

-Scissors will do the job but if you have a thread ripper use that

-Pins, binder clips, or cloths pins-something to secure your seam

-Liquid Stitch (you can find at Walmart or any craft store)

Step one: Remove seam (on either side). Your opening should be just big enough to get a fist full of stuffing in.

Step two: Stuff placemat, be sure to get your corners really well. Over stuff the area right above your opening a little and push it up inside away from your seam. Once your seam is closed you will manipulate the stuffing back down into place. This keeps it out of the way of the glue.

Step three: Apply a bead of glue inside the seam, right on the edge. Press together with finger tips a few seconds, then secure with pins, clips, or clothes pins. Let sit a few hours.

Glue does not dry instantly so don't feel the need to rush this part. Holding it together with your fingers for a few seconds will keep it together so you can grab your clips.

Don't worry if excess glue comes out. When you are done simply wipe it away, glue dries clear and will not be seen.

Get as close to the edge as possible so you can mimic the same tiny seam the placemat already has.

Step 4: Remove clips, fluff pillow, and ENJOY!

I have used liquid stitch on full pillow covers many times in the past and it has always held up, even with my boys throwing them on and off the couch, getting jumped on, and beaten up!


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