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Welcome to The Cultivated Life, I am Rachel McGee it's creator. This a place where I bare my heart and soul. Where it's not just about the material possessions of a house but about what I make our Home. How, though an illness The Lord is teaching me to cultivate life and my true purpose. A place where I share that journey with you. A place where I make my contribution of inspiration and encouragement to 

our world. A place where the beauty of life is the sole content.

my design philosophy

I believe the way we grow up inspires much of our design philosophy and

tastes. Growing up in Europe I was surrounding by beauty and art. From

citrus orchards containing row after row of nature's wondrous creation, to classical antiquity sculptures that seemed to peer into your soul as you passed them, to the ornate architecture of ancient buildings and cathedrals. A small girl sitting upon her Father's shoulders to see past the crowd of people, my eyes met with the gaze of the Mona Lisa before I was even old enough to fully grasp the magnitude of what I was witnessing.

As I've grown older I still appreciate the details of European design. I love incorporating timeless pieces into a modern space. I use vintage items that bare a patina and story from the past that can not be duplicated. As Nate Berkus said, "Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of things you love." The home I share with you is where our family gathers. Where we make precious memories, a place full of love and life. Where we work hard to mold these little beings into kind, hardworking, Jesus loving people.

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rachel mcgee

Mom, Wife, Daughter of a King, Creator, Dreamer, Fighter. Lover of all things soft, flowy, and organic.

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